10 For 10 Challenge

10 For 10 Challenge
10 For 10 Challenge by Guy Opperman

To give our MPs and House of Lords teams something to do, Hexham MP and all around smiley guy, Guy Opperman is doing some fundraising.

Ten years ago on the 26th July 2011, Guy Opperman collapsed in the House of Commons. He collapsed just after the Budget debate but it wasn’t that which caused the problem – he was rushed to St Thomas’ Hospital and found to have a brain tumour.

He’s all clear, fit and healthy now but wants to do more to raise awareness of the silent killer and charities in general.

Since his experience he’s campaigned and raised money for brain tumour awareness and support for patients.

To mark 10 years since his diagnosis, Guy is running the 10 for 10 challenge from now until the 26 April!

He wants everyone to set up their own 10 for 10 Challenge, you could walk 10,000 steps, run or swim 10k, cycle 10 miles, do 10 push ups for 10 days the creativity is up to you but he ants you to donate at least £10 to a local charity of your choice as you do it! If you can do some extra fundraising encouraging friends and family to donate – even better!

Some have already got involved with Paul Bristow running 10K, 10 times, so is Andrew Bowie. Sticking with the original cause Ben Everitt is also running to raise funds for brain tumour charities and Matt Hancock is running to raise funds for a Childrens Hospice.

Lord Bethell putting his health to the test and running 10K 10 times for his local hospital

Always one to raise money for good causes Johnny Mercer is showing off his fitness by cycling.

Guy has messaged all the MPs about his campaign, so here is hoping some more from all parties take up the challenge and do more than ignoring 10 of their emails and phone calls!

Good luck with the fundraising Guy!

The Ten For Ten Campaign

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