Are snow days a thing of the past?

Should snow days be a thing of the past or should schools still close?
Should snow days be a thing of the past or should schools still close?

Gavin Williamson doing all he can to save his job in the forthcoming reshuffle has been doing the press rounds. One of his successes as part of the pandemic handling, the unintended consequence in his mind of ‘snow days being a thing of the past’

Snow days have been a joy for children for generations, school is out, so you can play in the snow with your friends. It happens rarely so it is a real gem when it does take place, a memory maker.

But what are your thoughts on the issue are snow days a thing of the past?


  • No education will be lost because students can learn from home online
  • Schools won’t need to use money to heat large, spacious buildings
  • It keeps hundreds from having to venture out in poor weather, keeping people safe
  • Children are already home atthe end of the day and lunch times so can still enjoy the snow


  • Switching to e-learning suddenly will still make a mess of any planned lessons, especially practical ones
  • It still causes disruption for parents who now not only need to find childcare but childcare where the child can learn
  • Not everybody has access to good internet and this can fail in poor weather
  • Teachers with children will need to work and provide childcare.

Have you enjoyed a snow day off school? Do you think your kids should too? Or should they be a think of the past as we all strive towards a better educated youth of tomorrow.

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