Birthday wishes from Farage

Nigel Farage has joined Cameo
Nigel Farage has joined Cameo

Nigel Farage may have given up his time knocking on doors, leafletting and debating in hustings but he’s still out to earn and not quite in retirement.

Mr Farage has opened up a Cameo Page – yep you can pay him £63 and he will say the things you want him to say, from congratulations to birthday wishes!

Cameo is a site where celebrities pimp themselves out to make videos or soundbites for willing fans. Usually they send a birthday wish with a smile and a wink.

Describing himself as Mr Brexit, he has already had a ton of sales and looking at the reviews and promotional shares, he certainly delivers. Tough we should have known that after the referendum!

While I suspect the work is not as lucrative as being an MEP, we wish Mr Farage well in his brand new venture.

Now is your chance to send a fantastic personalised video to your favourite Remainer, I am sure it will make their day!

Nigel Farage on CAMEO

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