Bored civil servant on petitions…

Government Petitions - -daft punk fun
Government Petitions - -daft punk fun

Petitions to Parliament come in many forms, some want to set the world to rights, some just want a local or personal issue being dealt with. Wherever possible if there is interest, Parliament will debate the petition but sometimes what is requested just doesn’t fall under Parliament’s remit.

Take the petition on bringing back Daft Punk for instance…Yes we were all sad the DJing duo hung up their masks after providing top dance music for so many years, however Parliament just doesn’t have the power to bring them back.

But that doesn’t stop civil servants having a little fun as we saw in the ‘rejected’ response…

Bored civil servants, gotta love them! If it’s still up you can check out the real link here.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the Daft Punk reform but until then as we head back to normality, harder, better, faster and stronger let’s remember a Daft Punk classic and all be nicer to each other…

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