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Should Nicola Sturgeon resign if she's breached ministerial code?
Should Nicola Sturgeon resign if she's breached ministerial code?

The past few weeks have been a crazy dose of drama for anybody involved with Scottish politics. From revelations in Committees to using the Covid19 briefing to ‘tell all’, many Scottish voters have been nomming their popcorn and pleased to see some new entertainment throughout the lockdown.

Recently a publication of (previously secret) legal advice pertaining to the allegations of sexual harassment by Alex Salmond, confirmed that the Government was told by its own lawyers that the case against Salmond would fail, several months before the public concession was made. By this time Salmond’s career and view in the eyes of the public had changed substantially due to the allegations. The claim saw over £500,000 in taxpayers money spent on the issue, which as you can see is continuing!

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of the Scottish Parliament is accused of breaching ministerial code for not abandoning the challenge, despite the advice. Ms Sturgeon continues to defend her position and has confirmed the documents have shown that the advice was not ignored, it was read and understood before further action pursued.

While the arguments in Holyrood continue, we would love to hear your thoughts…Should Nicola Sturgeon resign if she is found to have breached the ministerial code?

Sturgeon should resign if she’s broken ministerial code

  • Ministerial code is in place for accountability and transparency, those who break it should resign
  • Some thing that Sturgeon as a woman should not have to apologise for the actions of a powerful man.
  • Alex Salmond himself said that Nicola Sturgeon should not resign
  • The Opposition can seek a vote of no confidence if they feel so strongly that she should leave.

Sturgeon should not resign even if she has breached the code

  • She’s been a strong leader ever since she was elected
  • Elections are on the way, let the public decide
  • The recent ministers breaking the code (and the law) in Westminster have not resigned.
  • An apology for a breach would suffice

So where are your thoughts, should she stay or go? Will the elections determine it all anyway?

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