Eat like the Chancellor

Sushi Shop in London delivers to your door
Sushi Shop in London delivers to your door

Lockdown may prevent us from visiting our favourite restaurants but many places still offer fine food available on delivery.

This week the Chancellor’s office has been receiving some nice big packs of food from SushiShop. The brand is actually French but has a number of shops in London and now provide home delivery.

The brand is not just a European take on sushi, but takes a sense of pride in preparing the sushi using French haute cuisine techniques. All of the food is made to order (so you will have to wait for your delivery!) but the team really pack their boxes full of the freshest, finest sushi you can order to your door.

So if you want a taste of East meets West, the basic boxes are around £10-£12 with around 12 pieces of sushi, while the big classic box, that could feed a family and more will cost you a hefty £60.

Gourmet sushi delivered to your door, eat like Rishi Sunak and family

However as you can see, it’s pretty, even in a delivery box! For those in London and happy to pick up their meal, there is a loyalty scheme for collectors and for those skint but still wanting a taste, the restaurants also participate in Too Good To Go.

Now some may raise an eyebrow knowing Rishi is a Hindu.. For those who don’t eat fish and meat, it is worth keeping in mind that beyond the sushi, this restaurant also do some fantastic veggie gyozas, nori seaweed, cucumber cheese, and delicious poke bowls with spring onions, pickled cucumber, edamame, rocket, olive puree, chiogga beetroot, Japanese plum, crisp vegetables and sobacha.

There are also of course, delicious mango, coconut and sakura mochi balls and fruit salads available for desert – if you can manage that much!

So if you’re done with the regular Uber and Maccy meals, eat in to help out like the Chancellor and enjoy some gourmet sushi today.

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