Esther McVey’s 23rd March Campaign

the 23rd March campaign
Esther McVey's 23rd March campaign

With the 23rd of March fast approaching, Esther McVey MP for Tatton wants it to be one to remember. A year since the first national lockdown in the United Kingdom and so much has changed since then from how people work and communicate to health and social care, community spirit and how people socialise.

To acknowledge the significant date, champion the heroes and the ideas which brought people together to get through the tough times, Esther hopes to spread a little love AND raise some money for Variety the children’s charity.

She’s asking people to post an image or video of themsleves making a heart with their hands – tag it with 23rd March and nominate 5 other friends to give it a go. If you want to donate that’s also highly encouraged!

It is a great time to acknolwedge any specific heroes to you and many have been acknolwedgin the drs and nurses which saved their lives, their local community heroes that kept them stocked during self-isolation and entertainers who brought joy. From MPs, Lords and breakfast tv stars, to Love Islanders, sporting favourites and peeps who dance on ice, there’s plenty getting involved!

Celebs, politicians and the public are all involved – so do your bit upload a pic , take a browse of the site or donate to a great cause. Esther has also been pressing for a memorial day in the future, so we an all remember those lost to the pandemic.

Visit the campaign website

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