Ex-MP now Space parliamentarian

Ex MP is now a space MP
Lembit Opik Ex MP is now a space MP

Many of you will recall the name Lembit Opik because it is such an unusual name for an MP!

He was a Lib Dem Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire in Wales from 1997to 2010 and during that time, he did a stint as the leader of Lib Dems for Wales. He was perhaps most remember in pop culture for bbeing engaged to Gabriela from the Cheeky Girls.

However this Parliamentarian’s career did not end when he lost his seat to Glyn Davies in 2010, he did notgo to Estonia to try for presidency like many thought he would, or even run for London Mayor as he had triedin the past….Nope, Lembike became the chairman of the Parliament of Asgardia a new ‘space nation’.

Sound bizarre? Well it is a little out there but the programme itself moves away from party politis and onto the individual, something MPs may well like to see more of themsleves!

So what is the Parliament of Asgardia? Well it is a micronation of people who have come together who call themselves Asgardians. While they do not rule a planet (yet) they do have a real satellite up there in space floating above our heads called Asgardia-1. The Asgardians have claimd the space occupied by the satellite and aim to build a settlement on the moon or elsewhere in space some day. Asgardia is namd after the Norse ‘garden of the gods’ Asgard.

While the legality of space-sovreignty remains in dispute and Asgardia is not officially recognised as a nation-state by other countries, Asgardia is boasting that it is the first nation to have all of its territory in space – not a bad boast!

The Parliament runs simlar to many others, there are terms of elected office, commitees, judicial panels and even a constitution. It has even had a few controversies over data protection, currency and elections.

Weird, wonderful and aiming for a space on the UN, we thinnk this will not be the last you year of Asgardia but in the meantme if you want to get involved or even run for office you can do so by visiting their website and getting stuck in!

Great for all those looking for some political experience, love space and sci-fi or fancy running a teeny satellite!

Visit the Kingdom of Asgardia’s website

Or if you miss Lembit’s fun in Parliament, re-live it with some of his dancing…

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