Fabulous Finn the police dog

Fabulous Finn and PC Dave Wardell - Pics by Dave Wardell
Fabulous Finn and PC Dave Wardell - Pics by Dave Wardell

In 2016, police dog Finn was stabbed and seriously injured at work. He was protecting his handler from an offender. Finn’s damage was only considered ‘criminal damage’ to property, despite him being stabbed in the chest and head, putting his life at risk.

Since then, his handler PC Dave Wardell has been working hard to change legislation to make it more difficult for those who harm service animals to claim that they were acting in self defence. Throughout the campaign Finn has made many TV appearances, been on the campaign trail won a Crufts prize, PDSA Gold Medal and even schmoozed with the Government Whips. The duo did all they could to get Finn’s story heard including writing a book.

Finn was lobbying the Whips in Parliament in 2019

The team were successful and ‘Finn’s Law’ aka the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Act was introduced making it a criminal offence to injure service animals. The law came into force in June 2019.

Not stopping there, the team are now working for similar laws to be put in place across Scotland and worldwide so service dogs are protected. They are also pressing for Finn’s Law Part 2 which was aimed at bringing in tougher sentences for ALL animal abuse from a maximum sentence of 6 months to 5 years.

The Bill though delayed with the Covid19 pandemic, recieved cross-party support yesterday and has now moved to the House of Lords. Well done Team Finn!

If you want to support the Fabulous Finn and see what else he’s up to visit his website www.fabulousfinn.com

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