Arty tourism campaign

David Hockney at the tube

The newly elected London Mayor, keen to show he is spending the taxpayers funds well launched a new tourism campaign this week – the ‘Lets Do London’ campaign!

Keen to get people back into the city, Sadiq and his team want more people living in the South East to head into London for nights out, weekends and events. The campaign began as a user-generated one, where people shared what they were doing in the city, from afternoon tea, to shopping, heritage visits and sporting fun.

The latest part of the £7m campaign has an arty focus and so Sadiq has let artist David Hockney take over Piccadilly Circus tube station. Mr Hockney’s artwork is certainly bringing a bright pop of colour to the usual red, white and blue tube signs. He is also having a video projected on the famous big billboard at Piccadilly Circus – a real Hockney Circus! While some say their 5 year old could do better, others are loving the vibrancy of what is usually a mundane space.

To see it for yourselves head to London before the end of the week! A rather short but pricey campaign indeed..

However this summer will see more brightly coloured art on the streets of London as Yinka Ilori, Michael Armitage, Vanessa Jackson and other artists transform pedestrian crossings and street furniture into pieces of artwork. This will be followed with outdoor films from BAFTA and BFI, Opera in Covent Garden (yay!) and Midnight Matinees at Shakespeare’s Globe.

So if you’e missed art and fancy a freebie mooch around, try London this summer.

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