Larry the Cat celebrates 10 years in No10

Larry the cat - 10 years at Downing Street
Larry the cat - 10 years at Downing Street

For many politicos there’s one individual that has been stable through general elections, Brexit and the pandemic… It’s Larry the cat!

Having spent years upstaging policemen, prime ministers and even world-leaders Larry is a regular on TV news broadcasts and a big hit on social media.

It’s been 10 years since Larry was rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and after seeing off David Cameron and Theresa May and won battles against Freya (George Osborne’s cat) and Palmerston (the FCO cat) Larry has shown he’s the mog for the job.

Known for hugging news reporter ankles during live sets and jumping on the passing pigeons, Larry, though momentarily shaken by the arrival of Dylan the dog shows no signs of stepping out of the pubic eye.

Here is wishing him another 10 years of tv appearances, catnip and warm radiator sleeping spots in No10!

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