Good or bad Budget?

budget debate what did you think?
budget debate what did you think?

Today was Budget day and so it wouldn’t be right not to make it our daily debate.

When Rishi stepped up to the microphone he had a whole range of support measures in place to help battered businesses get through the pandemic, the tax hikes the media spoke of did not materialise though there was warning that the pain will come in future Budgets.

Very little of the Budget focussed upon day to day living of people who are employees, pensioners and those frontline workers that have been putting t their lives at risk to help us all.

So what was your verdict a good Budget or a weak one?

Good Budget

  • Kept furlough and UC uplift in place temporarily while expanded the self employed income support scheme
  • Set out plans to ‘level up’ the country (finally)
  • More grants to restart business
  • Kept fuel and alcohol duties frozen

Weak Budget

  • Nothing to level up individual’s income if they are in work, everything is the same (or slightly more expensive)
  • The big multi national tax dodgers still aren’t being chased, despite the acknowledgement of the Treasury needing to raise funds.
  • The Chancellor has put off some inevitable painful tax rises, he could have done this in smaller steps, not huge pain at a later date
  • The recognition that sick pay and benefits are very little to live on was not addressed.

As always we would love to hear what you think, did the Budget affect you in a positive or negative way? Has it sealed Rishi Sunak as a Chancellor to remember? Should we be expecting stealth taxes to creep up soon?

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