In Parliament – Friday 19th March

In the House - Friday
In the House - Friday

Friday, the day constituency staff cringe as their MPs return home….Only for many, due to the pandemic their MP has never left and is likely micromanaging the work they usually do without any help day to day. Bored MPs often mean extra work for an already over-worked team of researchers. Keep at it guys!

In the Commons

The House isn’t sitting! But it is Red Nose Day so you may see a few Parliamentary types popping up for fundraisers!

For people wanting something more serious, the ONS should be publishing info on public sector finances.

In the Lords

The Lords are debating the Education (Guidance of Costs of School Uniforms) Bill, the British Library Board (power to borrow) Bill, the Education and Training (welfare of children) Bill and the Forensic Science Regulator and Biometrics Strategy Bill.

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