In Parliament Thursday 18th March

In the House - Thursday
In the House - Thursday

Thursdays are generally the busiest day in Parliament, the blowback from PMQs, the big debates and the Committees but this one should swing by without much fuss.

In the Commons

The day begins with DCMS topical questions, Michael Ellis stepping up in his new role for Attorney General Questions and then House favourite, Jacob Rees-Mogg is taking on Business Questions.

There will be a Select Committee Statement presented by Will Wragg on the Eighth Report of the PAC Committee on data transparency, accountability and Covid19 (sure to make tomorrow’s headlines).

Then we move on to backbench business with debates on Sri Lanka and Human Rights and World Water Day.

The adjournment is on public landmarks and getting reviews – expecting Minister Pincher to respond, having had problems in his own constituency with the statue of Sir Robert Peel.

Westminster Hall sees debates on boosting the social care workforce and World Social Work Day.

The Committees are less exciting than yesterday but hitting the big issues – renewable energy from Welsh Affairs Committee, Local Government Finance from PAC and the Defence Committee looking at women in the armed forces.

In the Lords

The Lords will be quizzing Ministers on their plans to appoint a new chairperson of Ofcom, sustainable farming and the reports of human rights abuses of Uighurs in China.

They will then debate a number of Bills and regulations including protecting tenants from eviction during Covid19, Tachographs and driving hours and burning heather/peat fields.

The Grand Committee is looking into proxy vote applications, energy performance certificates and corporate insolvency.

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