In Parliament Tuesday 16th March

In the House - Tuesday
In the House - Tuesday

Tuesday is always a big committee day and this one is definitely one to be watching!

In the Commons

The morning kicks off with justice questions, which are largely focussed upon the reform of the Mental Health Act and backlogs in the courts but will no doubt include a few on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill to be debated for the second time in the afternoon.

This will be followed by statements on the Integrated Review and Levelling Up the country.

Gareth Thomas (Labour Party) is putting forward a Ten Minute Rule Bill that establishes that public sector organisations should buy British. A valiant idea but no doubt one doomed to fail as we simply don’t have the manufacturing capacity or affordable goods.

The rest of the day sees the Commons dedicated to a second day of debating on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill because it was so varied in nature. Labour expected to vote against, leaving the Tories with a bounce of being ‘tough on crime’ as they head to the polls in May.

Adjournment is covering the Scottish Civil Service and the operation of the Scotland Act.

Westminster Hall has some interesting debates including one on strengthening the bonds between all nations of the United Kingdom through transport measures – yep, expect bridges to NI again!

There will also be debates on the Commonwealth, Covid19 and animal welfare, arrest of opposition politicians in Turkey and keeping it in theme this week, the use of ‘release under investigation’ by the Metropolitan Police.

The Committee Corridor is pulling in the big names with Matt Hancock on the Health Committee, the Love Island heartthrob and youth mental health ambassador Dr Alex George in the Education Committee as it looks into the impact of Covid19 on young people.

The DCMS Committee is pulling in 3D (Robert Del Naja) from Massive Attack to discuss festivals and carbon emissions before moving onto policing and drugs. The Justice Committee is looking into court capacity and the future of Legal Aid and the Youth Unemployment Committee is also meeting to look into ways to helping young people secure work. Science and tech are looking at how fuel cells and batteries can help us meet Net Zero – great when you consider the gigafactories set to be developed.

In the Lords

The Lords will be firing questions at Ministers on human rights in Zimbabwe, the IOPC and their verdict on Operation Midland, Climate Change and Napier Barracks.

The Grand Committee will be looking into the National Security and Investment Bill and the Overseas Opertionsn Bill.

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