In Parliament Wednesday 17th March

In the House - Wednesday
In the House - Wednesday

It’s St Patrick’s Day and while we cannot enjoy the pubs – we can enjoy some partying from the benches as PMQs takes place! We also have Dominic Cummings paying a visit, popcorn at the ready!

In the Commons

The day starts with questions on Wales before PMQs begins. Expect plenty on women’s safety, protests and getting tough on crime!

Brendan Clarke Smith (Conservative) is putting forward the Ten Minute Rule Bill, this one is a little unusual but is seeking to allow people to bring reps other than union members at grievance hearings for teachers, interesting!

There is an Opposition Day debate today but it is being presented by the SNP. They haven’t announced a subject so I’m unsure how they expect the Government to prepare but let’s all watch and play SNP bingo – mentions of independence, Salmond/Sturgeon, fishing, money for Scotland get you drinks when you start your St Paddy’s parties later today!

Adjournment sees Dame Diana Johnson discussing future transport in the north (Labour seeking levelling up?)

Westminster Hall sees debates on Coastguards, marine protected areas, research and development funding, Israel and the disposal of unexploded ordinance for offshore windfarms.

The Committee Corridor sees the ‘dark lord’ return – Dominic Cummings! Only he’s here bright and early to discuss the Government’s plans to create a research agency called ARIA (sorry no Brexit guys) and whether it is based off the USA’s DARPA or something more unique.

Other Committees include the Equalities committee on the Gender Recognition Act, the Northern Ireland Committee on Brexit, The Work and Pensions Committee on the HSE and Transport covering the biggest infrastructure projects.

In the Lords

Oral questions on the increase of hospital admissions for drug-related mental and behavioural disorders, employment rights, the reported detention of Princess Latifa bint al-Maktoum in the USA and a variety of other topical questions.

Then the Lords debate the Fire Safety Bill once again, they are expected to reject it in more ping ping with the Commons, an awkward one – people want to see action on Grenfell but this Bill is not deemed by the Lords to go far enough.

Then after all that controversy, the important topic of public loos with the reporting stage of the Non-Domestic Rating (public lavatories) Bill.

Sorry no Irish, drinking or lucky clover debates today but hope you all have a fab St Paddy’s!

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