In Parliament Wednesday 24th March

In the House - Wednesday
In the House - Wednesday

The big day has arrived once again, PMQs ahead! We all love the back and forth between Opposition and Government on a Wednesday and there’s loads of topics to get stuck into this week.

In the Commons

The day begins with Women and Equalities questions which is sure to still feature questions about making the streets safer fr women, boosting STEM participation and the effect of Covid19 on different sectors of society.

Following this is PMQs – there’s a lot of big topics that Keir Starmer can use this week with the biggest one being a year of pandemic. We look forward to the stand off!

After PMQs there will be a few statements bound to get people triggered – a new plan for immigration and Liverpool City Council, not linked but both will have the Labour Party itching to bite back. Douglas Chapman rom the SNP will then bring forward his 10 minute rule motion on the purchase and resale of gaming hardware. While we are unsure ifhe is a gamer, he is keen to ensure gamers are not scalped by people purchasing hardware and selling it for much higher prices online – graphic cards and PC processors in particular. (Perhaps he should avoid games and look at the cost of Parliamentary laptops..)

The debates for the afternoon will have been chosen by the backbench committee, which is why the topics are a bit more varied than usual. We will see online anonymity and Covid19 and the impact on hospitality. Adjournment is Robbie Moore MP on Waste Incinerators.

Westminster Hall debates look at NHS pay (heavily Labour dominated debate), the expansion of Luton Airport, Discovery Centres and STEM education, extending the Bakerloo Line and the implementation of the UK Rare Diseass Famework. It is the NHS pay debate which will draw in the ears.

The Committee corridor has a special appearance from Boris Johnson who has been called to the Liason Committe. The queries will be around Covid19 responses and Britain’s plce in the world. The Home Affairs Committee is looking at policing of the Sarah Everd vigil (speedy). We will also see the disability employment gap discuused at Work and Pensions, the role of hyrdogen in Science and Tech, the impact of Covid19 on the coach and bus sector in the Transport Committe, the future of festivals with DCMS and boosting court capacity in the Justice Committee. Infact there are tonnes of Committees packing as much in as they can before recesss.

In the Lords

The day begins with Ministers questions on Jewish university student safety, reducing food waste, assisting Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and respnding to the CQC’s protect, respect and connect reports.

Soon after will be a debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill before it’s pitched back to the Commons with a bucketload of amendments from the Lords.

The day rounds off with with the Financial Servies Bill being moved through the report stage, statements on future defence and industrial strategy and the Grand Committee debating the ‘Coming Home’ report on housing, church and community – this will be led by the the Archbishop of Canterbury.

There may be some brief interventions in either chamber to acknowledge the Heathrow Passport control workers who are set to begin their industrial action and some awarenes being raised for Word Tuberculosis Day, a disease wich has still sadly not been eradiated despite a vaccine being available for many years…..

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