In Parliament Wednesday 12 May

In the House - Wednesday
In the House - Wednesday

Parliament gets a little more back-to-business today but the Queen’s Speech debates will of course continue.

In the Commons

The Queen’s Speech Debate kicks off from 11:30, there’s no PMQs today as there would ordinarily be on a Wednesday but you may well see the PM bobbing in and out of the debate.

The Adjournment Debate is very specific – brought forward by Seema Malhotra MP on grassroots football in her constituency. Nice to see an MP picking up on local issues but expect the Chamber to be rather quiet!

Committees include Work and Pensions in the morning looking at child poverty, Transport looking into major infrastructure projects and Northern Ireland Committee reviewing citizenship processes in NI (might get a bit interesting!)

In the Lords

The Lords also continue their debates on the Queen’s Speech this may seem daft but when you consider it is the Lords who stamp through any final legislation, these debates will provide a good indicator of opposition in the future for Ministers to address before they produce the Bills or to run at head on!

Lord Lebdev is also down to speak – this will be his maiden speech as a Crossbench Peer. He’s the owner of the Independent and Evening Standard and is Russian, might make for some interesting contributions…

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