IWD – Should women have a special day?

iwd - worth it for women or over the top?
IWD - worth it for women or over the top?

Today is International Womens Day and the day is not without it’s controversy. Is it a day to celebrate women, like so many organisations do or a day to point out the inequalities women face in work, health, childcare and social expectations?

IWD has grown rapidly over the past few years with politicians getting on board, big businesses..

Even Burger King…Though their tweet did raise a few eyebrows

With more and more minority groups getting a special day, do these days lose meaning? If we were pressing for an equal society,should such days even be required?

We would love to hear your thoughts!

IWD is great!

  • A chance to empower women and hear voices you would not usually
  • An opportunity to highlight women’s issues in a media and political landscape most often dominated by men
  • Reminds us of strong leadership roles, something every gender can appreciate
  • Keeps us aware of inequalities and what can be done to make improvements

IWD is rubbish

  • It is wokeism at it’s finest, cheering on issues about inequality when women don’t want to work long hours in manual jobs, taking risks
  • There is no men’s day but men also have issues relating to work, health, childcare and social status which often go ignored
  • There are too many minority days, most people do not even know IWD exists..
  • Flag waving and discussion does nothing to make real change

After considering it all, what are your thoughts? Girl power? Or Shush and be quiet!

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