Monday 8th March in Parliament

In The House Monday
In The House Monday

It is a big week in the House, with schools reopening, the Oprah interview and big events like International Women’s Day and Commonwealth Day.


Monday sees the continuation of the Budget debate which is likely to be the main event.

However the Commons opens with Work and Pensions Questions. There will also be a Ten Minute Rule Bill for Karen Buck (Labour) who wants the Government to put an end to housing homeless people outside of their home area. This sadly occurs in many places and while yes it puts a roof over people’s heads it does mean their suppot network, access to health and work are often limited – not what you want when you are homeless.

Westminster Hall will see two petition debates, one on press freedoms and the safety of protestors in India, which while you may think is not of interest to British people, generated a huge amount of signatures. The second debate is all about LGBT conversion therapy, whether a ban should be enforced in legislation and what help can be put in place for victims.

In Committees we will see the Treasury Committee questioning experts from the OBR about the Budget proposals. The Chancellor will also be making an appearance to defend his Budget. The Public Accounts Committee will be looking into environmental tax measures and this will include quizzing HMRC.

The Lords

The Lords will be asking Ministers to see what can be done to increase the take up of Pension Credit (a benefit for low income pensioners), support for teenagers in care during the pandemic and to chime in with International Women’ Day, what cn be done to increase the number of women running for election.

The Domestic Abuse Bill is reaching the Report Stage so expect some votes, there are lots of amendments here, some approved by Govt, some put forward by Govt, some put forward by Opposition and Lords so there is likely to be days of debate.

Also for Commonwealth Day, since we cannot visit Parliament, a virtual display has been put up – take a look

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