On shore and charge more?

Should we be charging more for the Covid19 vaccine
Should we be charging more for the Covid19 vaccine

The debate about vaccines and the EU is still rumbling on, first they said the Oxford vaccine was useles, then they ordered millions of doses (after everybody else), then they demanded immediate delivery, then they raided the factories in Europe, then they said the vaccine causes blood clots nd wasnt safe, then they blocked the vaccine getting to countries like India and Australia, now they’re looking to block vaccines and ingrediesnts coming to the United Kingdom.

What a palava! It is no wonder that Ministers are looking at ways to ramp up vaccine productionn in the United Kingdom. While there is no quick fix as it takes a long time to set up a vaccine factory and secure the right expertise to keep it safe, efficient and up for the job it makes us wonder, should we charge more if it is all made on shore?

Right now the vaccine is sold at cost price, the Oxford team are not making a profit. This helps millions around the globe, but given that the countries who cannot afford the vaccine will be getting doses through the Covax scheme anyway, should we be charging more for British produce?


  • The money can go back into research and development of future treatments
  • Any other country developing a vaccine is charging more than cost price
  • It ensures if any country (or trading bloc) messes us around at least they’ve paid handsomely for the privledge
  • Charging would set our companies us as world leaders


  • It makes it harder for developing countries to vaccinate fast
  • Charging takes away from standing united with our friends abroad throughout the pandemic
  • Keeping it at cost price helps prevent rip offs (as we saw when sales went through intermediaries)
  • Low prices means many more can be vaccinted very quickly

We would love to hear your thoughts, ramp up the pricing to avoid the trouble or ensure it stays as cheap as possible for as long as possible?

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