Raab or Gove?

Gove or Raab for leader?
Gove or Raab for leader?

It was recently revealed that when the Prime Minister was so ill with Covid19 that he had to head into hospital he gave raspy, breathless instructions to his team that it was Dominic Raab that shhould take the reins and not Michael Gove.

Out of these two well known politicians we’d love to know who you would have preferred as Prime Minister if a replacement was required, Raab or Gove?


  • Not afraid to be ruthless if necessary, even took down Boris!
  • Has a good track record of solving problems and getting results
  • Well known to the media
  • Has worked in a number of Departments so has a clear understanding of the work of Government


  • Very easy on the eye, wins a lot of sexy MP contests as he shows off fitness as a karate blackbelt
  • Trusted by Boris to take the reins
  • The son of a Czech-born Jewish refugee so could unite typically divisve sectors of society
  • Was willing to quit Government to stand for what he believed in (Brexit and Theresa May!)

If you had to choose one of these two for your next PM which one would it be? The strange clapper or ditzy talker? Both are Brexiteers, both are high profile and both have had their fair share of controversies….

Gove or Raab? Let us know in the forums

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