Safer Internet Day

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Safer Internet Day Feb 9th

On Tuesday 9th February the world will be celebrating the 18th edition of ‘Safer Internet Day’ a day designed to make the internet, safer, friendlier and more accessible for all – particularly young people.

This year’s event has a theme ‘Together for a better internet’ and stakeholders, community groups, schools and other bodies are encouraged raise awareness about internet safety, from cyber bullying and oversharing on social media to hacking and phishing, harmful websites and digital identity safety.

While this was a campaign dreamt up by the EU, it has done so well that it is now celebrated worldwide an the group provide all kinds of resources to help people teach others about internet safety.

This year will see them livestreaming with Liverpool FC into schools, providing cyber security workshops for professionals and running events with British Telecom about online purchasing, trust online and phishing.

People are encouraged to share their internet safety tips on social media and point people in the direction of the campaign website so that even more can learn, participate and share the event next year.