Was it her shoes that caused a reshuffle?

While Kier Starmer said he would take full responsibility for the poor local election results, he quickly shifted Angela Rayner out of place. However Angela is popular with the electorate, people recognise her, while some roll their eyes every time she talks, others cheer her on as a single mother who has reached office and still remaining bold, outspoken and indeed, stylish!

Last week’s visits to Manchester saw Rayner wearing some interesting shoes which drew more attention than the fact Kier Starmer was visiting the area…

With so much interest it’s only fair to let you know more about them. These chunky style sneakers despite their heavy look are comfy to wear, making them great for the campaign trail. Mixing a punky pop of colour with dark bold black the shoes re called ‘In Bloom Chunky Sneakers’ and they can be purchased from La Moda for a sweet £55.

Angela has also been known to wear other pairs from the brand including the ‘daisy’ style and doc-marten style brogues. There’s a sale on at La Moda at the moment, while the chunky sneakers are sadly not included, you may well be able to bag yourself another funky bargain!

Reshuffle or not it is clear eyeballs remain on Angela’s fab looks and interesting footwear.

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