Should men face a curfew?

should there be a curfew on men?
should there be a night time curfew on men?

It’s St Patrick’s Day and ordinarily many of us would be out all night doing pub crawls, wearing green and chugging Guiness.

The pandemic and recent murder of a young woman has made some have second thoughts. Indeed safety on the strets has been much discussed in the House lately. One member of the House of Lords, Baroness Jones even suggested that there should be a 6pm curfew on men (jokingly) but the idea gained traction.

In a world where women have often been told to restrict how they behave over wearing plain clothing, not getting drunk, not walking alone of an evening or night, let people know when they are setting off it does make a difference for somebody to discuss a potential restriction on men.

But what are your thoughts, should men face a curfew?


  • Much of the late night crime is caused by men
  • It may make women feel safer on the streets at night
  • It would help to even up the thinking on equality between men and women
  • It would reduce police and local authority spending on night time work


  • It’s a ridiculous imposition and any curfew should be equal
  • Men are more likely to work unsociable hours than women
  • It wouldn’t stop rape or murder, the majority of which happen in the home
  • It would lead to an increase in female night time crime

So what are your thoughts? Lock the men up inside once the sun goes down or let them be free to party hard!

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