Should public sector jobs cover lunches?

Sandwiches and luches for public sector staff or not
Sandwiches and luches for public sector staff or not

It is always difficult to recruit for the public sector, this is often because pay is lower, hours are long and there’s very few perks. While a pension is often touted as the best thing about a public sector role, who can stick it out in the job for that long to enjoy a decent pension!

Today the Independent uncovered a news story that a private company funded by the taxpayer to carry out Covid19 testing spent millions of pounds on free snacks and meals for their workers, this is during a time when some of our hardest working NHS staff have still had to pay for their own lunches.

So what are your thoughts, should a reglar lunch come with a public sector job?


  • More would take on public sector jobs if there were perks like lunches
  • Our public sector staff work hard and often skip lunch due to their roles
  • It could open up big contracting opportunities for local providers
  • It could help keep us all healthier as public sector staff can lead the way on healthy eating options


  • Taxes are already high, they’d be higher with a free lunch
  • Public sector workers generally recieve some sort of pay rise each year while many private staff do not
  • It could kill the high street once and for all as so many who work in public sector jobs work in our town centres
  • It is nanny stating some of the most comfortable workers in society

Let us hear your thoughts, would you take up a desk job, nursing role or bin round if you knew you’d get a daily lunch on the job? Or is it another big fat way to waste tax payer moolah?

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