Should single use BBQs be banned?

BBQs should single use barbeques be banned?
BBQs should single use barbeques be banned?

Brighton and Hove Council are always pushing to become a cleaner, greener space. This year they want to ban the use of single use BBQs on beaches and parks. They see it as a further step towards becoming carbon neutral and as an area popular with tourists, it is likely they will be seeing more than one or two over the smmer.

Is this a step too far? Will it change the planet? We’d love to hear your views!


  • Helps stop climate change and reduce littering.
  • Helps stop fires or harm caused to people/plants and wildlife when they are not cleaned up properly.
  • BBQs stink so it will make the area nicer for all who wish to use the beaches, parks and open spaces.
  • It will encourage product creators to think more sustainably.


  • Not everybody has a garden to enjoy a private BBQ, there’s very few public BBQ spots as the United Kingdom is not Australia and BBQs are a rare event.
  • It will have a very limited if any impact on the levels of carbon entering the air.
  • The money spent policing this virtually imposible to enforce easily policy could be better spent on green projects.
  • It may encourage people to bring along much bigger equipment and fuel cannisters to beaches and parks if they want a BBQ. Increasing risk of fire and mess.

What are your thoughts? Great idea for to solve a regular issue with the environment or the green army going too far?

Let us know in the forums – you can also share your top tips for a summer BBQ!

If you spot your MPs or candidates having a BBQ during the Easter recess, we’d love you to raise it with them an see what they think!

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