Should teachers be vaccinated?

teachers - should they be vaccinated
teachers - should they be vaccinated?

Schools re-open on Monday 8th and teachers will once again be mixing with young people. So far every time schools have re-opened, rises in cases have followed shortly afterwards despite the Government insisting that young people are safe..

The older ones teaching though? Hmmmm….. A good chunk of the teaching community is also over 50 so not yet had their vaccines but high up on the list.

The Government insists they do not make decisions on injections, this falls to the JCVI who are looking at how to inject as many of the most vulnerable as possible in key age groups. This means unless a teacher is old or has a long term health condition they can wait in line like the rest of us.

Occupational vaccines have been discussed for quite some time. While health, care and social workers have been vaccinated, other key workers have not like police, fire, bin men, homeless hostel workers etc etc… JCVI continue to favour age and health over occupation.

So what do you guys think? Should teachers be jabbed?

Teachers should be jabbed as a priority

  • Many interact with hundreds of children (households) as part of their role
  • Those working with children that have special educational needs or emotional problems may be in regular contact with individuals, rather than maintaining social distance.
  • Young people are often less hygienic and enjoy games like ‘spit mask’
  • Injecting school teachers and staff helps ensure that schools stay open, good for education continuity and for helping keep people in work and not in childcare, particularly those in the NHS.

Teachers shouldn’t be jabbed as a priority

  • Many other keyworkers come face to face with vulnerable people and so should be considered first
  • Some have worked in close proximity with many households throughout the pandemic like supermarket staff, couriers and advice workers without seeing an increase of transmission in those workplaces due to Covid-safe measures being in place.
  • It is right to focus on those clinically at risk as a priority, most teachers would be fine and not be in physical contact with their students
  • Pushing for a vaccine is the Union’s way of keeping schools closed.

So what do you think? Inject the teachers? Train the teachers to vaccinate students like they have in other countries? Make them go to work and wait their turn like everybody else? Continue focussing on the most vulnerable as a priority?

Let us know your thoughts in the forums – whether you have kids or not!

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