The school uniform debate

Should schools ditch uniforms?
Should schools ditch uniforms?

The Lords have been looking into school uniforms lately, particularly the costs. Some feel school uniforms are an outdated idea, some love them because they help ensure students focus on education and not fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts, are you for or against school uniforms?


  • Keeps children as equal as possible (its clear there is some disparity in bags/shoes/make up etc)
  • It helps people spot truants, young people buying cigarettes and alcohol, helps identify antisocial behaviour
  • Builds a work mindset for students who may also have to wear a uniform at work
  • Helps build community and a sense of belonging


  • Expensive cash cow for schools and brands
  • Repressive on creativity, often still too focused on different uniforms for different genders
  • In era where we promote diveristy, uniforms push conformity and sameness
  • They can negatively affect self image if you cannot afford the brand, don’t have the right size etc

What are your thoughts? Should schools still keep uniforms or should we be letting young people wear whatever makes them comfortable.

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Ties or no ties has long been a discussion in the Commons, maybe the elected will spark the changes.

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