The secret to a smooth tie..

rolled up ties ready for wearing - photo by pasja 1000
rolled up ties ready for wearing - photo by pasja 1000

While we see many a Parliamentarian flapping about on their way to the Chambers to vote, tie flailing as they dash towards the Lobby, some always look smooth, sharply dressed, tie straight as they stride looking, prim, powerful and ready for the next big decision.

The secret? Not a tie pin, they’re on show for all to see….The secret is a ‘tie strap’… A piece of material, matched to your shirt colour that allows your tie to be held in place using your shirt buttons and tie band. This fixes your tie in place no matter what action you are undertaking.

Porter Pepperell Tie Straps – keep your necktie straight whatever you do

At a sweet £20 for five, the masters of this trade are well-known tie specialists, Porter Pepperell. The purveyors of luxury, seven fold mulberry silk ties now provide the hottest ‘secret’ accessory for a busy politician.

So let fly away ties be a thing of the past and grab yourself a tie-strap, be the slick, well-put-together representative that people expect from your election material!