The very hungry MP…

Hungry MPs cook some strange food
Hungry MPs cook some strange food

While some MPs like Theresa May have long been known to show off their culinary skills, many MPs who have returned to their homes for lockdown have found that they have to cook for themselves. That’s right COOK FOR THEMSELVES!

There’s no restaurants open, no bars to sit in and as many MPs tend to live in the outer parts of their constituencies, the more rural areas, there can at times be no Uber or JustEat!

So they’ve been trying their hand at cooking…. I was pleased to see Alex Cunningham MP the Member for Stockton grabbing a pan and seeing what he can do. While Labour voters tend to be more on the animal-loving vegan side, Mr Cunningham’s social proof post of cooking was rather interesting indeed…

Mmmmmmm fried caterpillars, or was it? Great for any illuminati lizard wanting a speedy late lunch.

What do you think the food was? Let us know in the forums! And share your cooking catastrophies and creations during the lockdown.

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