Thursday 11th March in Parliament

In the House - Thursday
In the House - Thursday

Thursday is often the heavy day for debating where the big arguments come out before MPs scurry away back to their constituencies. However this one is a little different…

The Commons

A bright and early 9:30 start with Transport Questions and Business Questions.

The sharp ones will notice an unusual anomaly next, the “Proceedings on the Supply and Appropriation (Anticipation and Adjustments) (No2) Bill followed by the Contingencies Fund (No2) Bill. These are getting whipped through without debate. They basically allow for a £260bn to be provided to the Government on account. It will provide the Government with enough money to support the Covid19 packages.

Then the big debate of the day, ‘International Women’s Day’ it is rather late but I’m sure there will be some interesting commentary from all sides of te gender balance. There will be a focus on women and the economy and women in politics and public life.

Westminster Hall sees debates on the quality of life for patients with heart failure and community pharmacies, specifically how they’re coping in the pandemic.

The Chancellor will be appearing before the Treasury Committee again as they conclude their inquiries into the Budget 2021. Quiet so far but destined to make a splash, Alok Sharma is also being quizzed by the Environmental Audit Committee on Cop26, as the Cop26 President, we expect he’ll have lots of answers.

The Lords

Today sees Ministers questions on population growth around the world, visas for touring artists in the EU (hoping for some interesting anecdotes) and whether the flaring of gas on oil rigs should be banned. Cop 26 will also be featured in the questions, for obvious reasons!

Business of the House then moves onto the Overseas Operations Bill at Committee Stage and the third reading of the Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill. Expect a lot of noise for both from the Lords.

The Committee I to look at empowering women during Covid19 – the Lords really are loving up on the ladies this week!

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