Tony’s Law Campaign

Tony Hudgell - campaign to get longer sentences for chilld cruelty offences
Tony Hudgell - campaign to get longer sentences for child cruelty offences

Tony was admitted to hospital at 41 days old, he had multiple fractures to all of his limbs, injuries across his body and face. Doctors believe he may have been left in this state for around 10 days before he was given treatment. He had sepsis, toxic shock and multiple organ failure.

The NHS worked their magic and Tony survived but he needed to have both his legs amputated. He’s now deaf in one ear and will need multiple operations in the future but he is now a happy six year old enjoying a new life with a new family that adopted him, the Hudgells.

His birth parents were sentenced for child cruelty and received the maximum sentence but this is just 10 years. Tony Hudgell’s adopted parents are now lobbying for a change in the law so that crimes committed against children should be considered in line with those committed against adults.

The couple campaigned, gaining traction and Tom Tugendhat introduced the Child Cruelty (sentences) Bill to the House of Commons in 2019 but it was stalled after the General Election. He continues to work with MPs to seek changes to sentencing even though his Bill stopped moving forward.

Trying to bring the Bill to Parliament

In the meantime, Tony himself has been a star walking more than 10K on his prosthetic legs to raise more than £1million for Evelina Children’s Hospital. He has received the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award for being an outstanding volunteer, been featured on the Pride of Britain show, has created a book, has been working with veteran amputees and continues to make videos and call outs for support in his campaign.

If you want to get involved you can lobby you MP to back changes to sentencing or add Paula Hudgell on Twitter to follow the fundraising efforts

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