Tuesday 9th March in Parliament

In the House - Tuesday
In the House - Tuesday

Tuesdays are often all about Committees but this Tuesday will the Budget vote! It should swing through easily as Rishi managed to keep the angry Tories at bay this time.

The Commons

The day kicks off with Treasury questions which continues on the Budget. A Ten Minute Rule Bill will be put forward by Aaron Bell and it is aimed at compensating residents if the smell from a landfill is too great (interesting idea not just for landfills!) Aaron backs this because in his patch, the posher more Tory area, Newcastle-Under-Lyme has had regular complaints about a local landfill.

The Budget debate will be concluded ten MPs will vote on resolutions for te forthcoming Finance Bill. This will likely take a lot of time despite only the first resolution being allowed to be amended. There will also be discussions on workplace protection throughout the pandemic.

Westminster Hall will see debate on the Covid19 vaccine take-up (London only) , support for women leaving prison and something called Cyber Troop activity. While no briefing has been provided (!) I suspect this may be around manipulating how people think due to what they see online.

Tuesday is usually the big committee day and the Committee Corridor confirms this, with Science and Tech looking into the roadmap, the Committee will be questioning Vallance and Whitty so should make for interesting viewing. Later in the morning the Health and Social Care Committee will be reviewing the White Paper on health and social care and you will see another face from the Covid19 briefings, Sir Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of the NHS.

DCMS Committee will be looking at links between long-term brain injury and sports – Rugby, enjoy it while you can! And the Education Committee will be looking at how exams will work this year (one to watch!).

The Lords

The Lords will be asking questions on unemployment, particularly in the over-50s, how we can strengthen the role of the WHO following the pandemic, women’s equality is also set to be raised again.

The Non-Domestic Ratings No2 Bill will be going through it’s third reading and the Committee will be reviewing the Overseas Operations Bill.

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