Wednesday 10th March in Parliament

In the House - Wednesday
In the House - Wednesday

Wednsday is the day we all love – Punch and Judy politics! PMQs comes at lunch and set the tone for the rest of the week.

The Commons

The day begins with questions about Scotland before PMQs begins, will Starmer miss the open goals or score on NHS pay?

Another big topic this week is the Ten Minute Rule Bill from Sir David Amess on banning the use of farrowin crates in pig farming. Now most pig farms in the UK no longer use these, however some still do. This debate has gathered a lot of traction with the general public who love their animals so it will be interesting to see how it goes. While I wouldn’t expect a pass, this one may come back in the future!

After this the day is dedicated to the final Estimates Day and the House will be asked to agree on the outstanding estimates. While it sound strange the focus of this is often on whether the Select Committees have done a good job of scrutinising policy, rather than looking at the whole wealth of spending. Expect discussion on the arts and creative sector which has fared badly throughout the pandemic.

The Westminster Hall debates are on that repeated but very important topic of residential leaseholders and interim fire safety costs. Who should be paying for the work, owners, leaseholders or the builders and Government? There will also be debates on interperatable machine learning, mental health during pregnancy and overcrowded households during Covid19.

The Committees see Home Affairs quizzing the Home Office on whether they were prepared for a pandemic, the Work and Pensions Committee looking at employment gaps for people with disabilities and the Treasury continues scrutinising the Budget, keep an eye out for Torsten Bell, he’s from the Resolution Foundation and bound to have a lot to say.

The Lords

Ministers questions will be focussed on teaching foreign languages in schools and the supply of suitably trained teachers, whether women have been heard enough when considering policy decisions on Covid19 responses, the Myanmar military and research and development into a UK Global Navigation Satellite System.

The Domestic Abuse Bill will move into the report stages and the Grand Committee will be looking into the Financial Services Bill.

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