Who wears United Nudes?

Dawn Butler MP loves shoes
Dawn Butler MP loves shoes

There’s one politician that’s known for being into her fashion, be it bright clothes, designer dresses or her wide array of shoes.

That politician is the Labour lovely, Dawn Butler. While she has worn trainers in the House from time to time (tsk!) she’s also worn some fantastic heels and boots and has been known to share the odd image or two of her shoes…

Dawn Butler MP loves her some shoes

Big brands she likes? It’s the unusual ones, shoes that can make her stand out like the United Nude Eamz Pumps which have a rather unusual heel!

Or the Kat Maconie chain shoes… We’re not sure how she can rock these without falling over but it is clear that Ms Butler has a love for quirky footwear. Bright, stand out and often purchased during the sales, Dawn is known to share her shoe loving advice with others.

However it’s not all designer, Dawn coming from an underprivileged background is all about saving and sales, she has absolutely no problem in popping up to TK Maxx and hunting for a bargain and shop around but she can grab a big brand name, even better.

So if you ever want some fancy footwear but squeal at the prices, have a chat with Dawn Butler, she’s your gal for the shoe sales!

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