Would you push the button like Keir?

Kier Starmer would nuke if he had to
Kier Starmer would nuke if he had to

For many years Labour leaders have been anti-nuclear, either overtly like Corbyn or rather quietly if asked….However Kier Starmer today answered that triggering question in a rather different way to the norm.

When asked on LBC if he would press the nuclear buttons he said ‘of course if it had to be done’.

There are many different views on nuclear warheads, we all know the severe damage they can cause to people, nature and the economy of a place that has been bombed. Indeed many never fully recover.

On the other hand, it is the biggest and most destructive weapon compiled by far and so by having it on hand, it provides a great deterrant to would-be dictators looking for world domination.

So what are your thoughts, would you push the nuclear button if you had to?


  • Yes if it could stop a dictator and save the UK
  • Merely having the technology creates a strong bargining chip for international relations
  • They reduce a threat to our armed forces
  • Nuclear warheads are incredibly reliable


  • They cause mass harm to ALL life and so should never be used
  • The damage caused can spread beyond borders (eg dust, water pollution)
  • They cost billions which could be spent on building better defneces and impoving relations abroad
  • They create a signiicant terrorism threat and so must always be highly guarded

So while Kier mops up all the defence loving voters and annoys all the CND members in the Labour Party, what are your thoughts, are you pro the nuclear weapon or think we should go without it?

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