100 Army Vehicles donated to Lebanon

rmwik vehicles to go to Lebanon
rmwik vehicles to go to Lebanon

In an effort to stem terrorism and smuggling at the border of Lebanon and Syria, the United Kingdom has donated 100 armoured patrol vehicles to Lebanon.

The vehicles known as RWMIK Landrovers – revised weapons mounted installation kits, can not only tackle rugged terrain but can be mounted with heavy weapons.

The Land Rovers have been sent to the Lebanese Armed Forces Border Regiments so that they can keep a closer watch on any smuggler activity in the quiet rural areas or extremists trying to move over the border into Lebanon.

Supporting the Lebanese Army also helps us stop the flow of drugs into our country as well as helps us keep up to date with emerging threats from the area.

James Heappey, Minister for the Armed Forces said;

This fantastic border project marks the next chapter of the longstanding relationship between the British Armed Forces and our Lebanese counterparts.

The donation of these vehicles demonstrates the UK’s commitment to security and stability in the region. A stable border between Lebanon and Syria is firmly in the UK’s national interest.

We share a common enemy in Daesh. The UK will continue to work closely with our partners in the region to stamp out the threat posed by terrorist groups.

Why did our army have 100 vehicles spare? Well these vehicles are being taken out of service by our army this year after being used on tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. When we upgrade, we make sure the vehicles are not going to waste.

This work is part of ongoing work with our allies to defeat terrorism and crack down on drugs being transported into Europe.

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