700 jobs protected in Glasgow thanks to the MOD

Remote Weapons Station on top of a Boxer Vehicle - Picture MOD Crown Copyright
Remote Weapons Station on top of a Boxer Vehicle - Picture MOD Crown Copyright

Announced this morning, the MoD has signed a £180m contract to deliver cutting edge threat detection technology for the British Army’s new Boxer vehicles.

The contract will support 700 jobs in Glasgow including 30 apprentices on a 10 year production contract on ‘Remote Weapon Stations’. These are features that get attached to a vehicle to scan for enemy threats. They can move 360 degrees, even while the vehicles is moving, to help keep a permanent watch. If necessary they can offer key defences including smoke grenade launchers, thermal imaging and infra-red pointers.

The contract is not only delivering brilliant new technology but keeps our defence production within the United Kingdom.

Minister of State for Defence, Baroness Goldie said:

This £180-million contract with Thales UK will deliver pioneering surveillance and protection for our front line soldiers and our new Boxer fleet. We depend on skills and technology from across the United Kingdom and this order will secure 700 Scottish jobs.

Our troops face a myriad of new and emerging threats so it is imperative we invest in critical detect and destroy technology such as this.

The first vehicles are scheduled for service in 2023, those staff will certainly be working at speed!

Take a look at a Boxer vehicle below, the Remote Weapons Stations get fixed to the top, letting soldiers see out without leaving the vehicle or putting themselves at risk.

And yes we’re reliably informed that these attachable weapons turrets are much better than the ones some of you would have encountered while playing Call of Duty!

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