Aid announced for UN peacebuilding projects

rebuilding areas to help avoid extremism
rebuilding areas to help avoid extremism

Today the Government announced a £12 mil package of aid for the UN aimed at helping the group tackle cocnflits around the globe.

While you may think all is quiet on the war-front, this funding is gong towards pushing for disarmament, empowering women and youth to engage in political dialogue, starting peace processes between rival factions, providing support for those affected by violence, rehabilitating former fighters – particularly child fighters and creating safe environments and jobs in areas affected by conflict.

Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverly, said:

We know that prevention is better than the cure. By tackling the drivers and causes of conflict with this new UK aid package, we will help to save lives by intervening before crises spiral out of control.

This helps us at home too. We know how interconnected the world is, and instability overseas increases the risk of organised crime or terrorism at home.

Many of the world’s poorest people live in areas which were recently subject to conflict, to help them build safer lives and avoid the need from joining factions for violence is important. This is why some of the funding will be used to help resolve land disputes, boost communication options, strengthen the rule of law and rebuilding local infrastructure.

This funding is in addition to the development funding already committed for many projects abroad and our work in calling for and working towards peace through our membership at the UN Security Council.

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