Beckett Vs Pidcock

Pidcock vs Beckett
Pidcock vs Beckett on the NEC Zoom

It was fisticuffs at the Labour’s National Executive Council meeting last night. While it may have been a virtual affair, the chair of the group and Labour grandee Margaret Beckett MP called her colleague Laura Pidcock MP a ‘silly cow’ in the middle of the conference.

Hearing the remark, Pidcock left the call immediately and a pile on, including Unite Union has began for Margaret Beckett to resign. We expect an apology will be issued over a resignation over something so trivial but MPs of all ages should be diplomatic, even on Zoom calls!

The tiff itself was over Laura Pidcock making a comment about party democracy being snubbed after a motion at the Labour Party Conference was rejected without a vote. She’s right, it was unusual and many Labour voters have been leaving because they joined a democratic party to progress democracy, however the meeting continued after Pidcock left.

While it was no Handforth Parish Council episode, it does remind us all that MPs are sometimes a little too quick to think with their emotions! Corbynista’s have wanted Beckett gone for quite some time, this might be the angle for it… Expect full on outrage on the socials.

Hope the two ladies are able to make up and campaign together soon as all Labour comrades should…

Edit Update 12 March: Margaret Beckett has now issued an apology to Pidcock and described her mutterings as unjustifiable.

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