British astronauts wanted!

astronauts wanted for UK space missions
astronauts wanted for UK space missions

Work on space technology and exploration is really ramping up but since 2008, no new astronauts have been recruited. Thankfully that’s about to change as the European Space Agency confirms that it is looking for new astronauts and they want people to apply.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from and this time, the Agency is also making a call for candidates with physical disabilities to consider putting themselves forward. Yes space work is finally going diverse!

For people looking to apply there will be an intensive training course ahead which includes all sorts of learning from geology and science to spelunking and flights. It is hoped for those who complete the training course, the first deployment will be on the International Space Station.

Afterwards.. The sky…Rather the universe is the limit, with a number of projects planned for the moon in the late 2020s-2030s.

Science Minister, Amanda Solloway, said:

Becoming an astronaut is a dream for many, and Tim Peake’s historic mission to space in 2015 showed millions of Brits that it can become a reality, while putting the UK firmly on the map as a leading space-faring nation.

With the UK space sector receiving more government backing than ever before, it’s time for a new generation of British astronauts to answer this call as we continue working with our European partners to push the boundaries of science and exploration even further.

We all recall Tim Peake, perhaps you can be the next famous face to wave at the UK from outer-space!

If astronaut roles seem far too exciting, the Agency is also looking for a number of other people to get stuck into the industry, from engineers and technicians to scientists, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

The UK Space Agency has and continues to be (despite Brexit!) a member of the European Space Agency and is leading major programmes to upskill people, create satellite networks and expand upon space exploration.

If you think you have what it takes to go further than anyone else, visit the European Space Agency and consider an application.

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