Cash towards EV Chargepoints

EV chargepoint funding coming soon
EV chargepoint funding coming soon

While Elon Musk keeps banging on about the Tesla cars the take up of them and similar electric vehicles has been slim in the United Kingdom. That’s not because we don’t want a cleaner, greener way to move around but because charge points for these vehicles are so hard to come across!

So it’s great that the Department for Transport has announced they will be expanding their electric vehicle homecharge scheme to provide £350 of the cost towards installing a charge point to people in rented accommodation, leasehold accommodation and small businesses. Although the scheme is not set to roll out until next year (let’s face it we can’t drive out of our local area during lockdown anyway!) it is hoped that this scheme will be particularly helpful for rural homes, tourism and for those living in the suburbs who often worry about travelling lengthy distances in electric cars.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said:

Whether you’re on the school run or travelling to work, or don’t have access to a private parking space, today’s announcement will bring us one step closer to building and operating a public chargepoint network that is affordable, reliable and accessible for all drivers.

As the UK accelerates towards net-zero emissions by 2050, we are determined to deliver a world-leading electric vehicle charging network, as we build back greener and support economic growth across the country.

The Department of Transport is also looking at ways to make charge points easier to use so that more will feel encouraged to invest in electric in the future.

A cleaner, greener Britain is on the way…Now where to find the money for that Tesla…

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