Changes to music on the curriculum

music lessons are going to change
music lessons are going to change

For many years repeated Governments have been criticised for not considering music and arts to be an important part of the curriculum. They’re often the least supported subjects and first to be chopped when cuts need to be made but music and art make the world go around.

Today the Government announced that more people will have the opportunity to listen and learn about music through history from the classical geniuses like Mozart, to the Beatles and pop music. Key Stages 1,2 and 3 are having a refresh so music now covers composers from around the world, how to read and write music and both instruments and singing will be introduced from the first years at primary school.

The new curriculum was designed by a panel of 15 music experts rom teachers and musicals to the board of the Royal Schools of Music. In addition to the change £79m has been provided to help create music education hubs so that pupils can play instruments in class and outside of school charities are being supposed to teach pupils about different styles of music.

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said:

Music is a hugely important part of most people’s lives. This is especially true during the lockdown period, in which music has been used to inspire, soothe and energise us.

A rich variety of music should be part of the daily life of every school. We want all schools to have a rigorous and broad music curriculum, that inspires their pupils to love music, and stands alongside high levels of academic attainment.

Beyond the composing styles will be introduced to students from rock and roll to hip hop and dance beats. They will be introduced to beat, rhythm, pitch song development and creativity through improvisation. The curriculum is also expected to make it easier for teachers to plan their lessons and educe workload because each year group has a specific structure to build upon what was taught in the previous year.

With more young people getting musical we can expect some better tunes in to hit the charts over the next few years! Wehey!

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