Covid restrictions to change

Boris at the press conference

From tonight’s press conference with the Prime Minister, it appears the roadmap is going to plan and ‘Step 3’ will commence.

This means from 17 May

  • All remaining university students can return to in-person teaching (Yes it is hilarious many would be closed for summer from this date)
  • Up to six people or two households can meet INDOORS
  • Up to 30 people can meet together OUTDOORS
  • All remaining outdoor entertainment can reopen
  • You can hug others (this was never banned lol)
  • International travel to the ‘green list’ countries can begin
  • Pubs and restaurants can reopen for indoor food but you should stay seated
  • Face coverings won’t be needed in classrooms for students
  • For weddings, funerals, wakes and commemorative events, indoors or outdoors 30 people are allowed
  • Saunas and steam rooms can reopen (wehey!)
  • Care home residents can have up to five named visitors with two ale to attend at once

We still need to be concious of our hygiene and social distancing where we can and of course get tested if any symptoms arise. Everyone can order tests online at

Research into treatment for Covid19 and vaccinations continue, indeed if you have not been vaccinated yet you can participate in the new testing by signing up to the research

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