Cyber Security Council to govern on training and standards

Cyber Security Boost for training
Established training pathways coming soonn for cyber security

Today is safer internet day and what better way to celebrate than an announcement from Government on cyber-security.

Cyber security is a minefield, many people want to learn, to make business cyber-secure or to hire qualified professionals but you are often where to look, how to train and who to hire.

The Government has recognised the concern and now the new DCMS-funded UK Cyber Security Council will be set up to provide a single governing voice for the cyber-security industry to establish knowledge, skills and experience across cyber-security jobs to help bring it into line with other professions, like medicine, law, building and engineering.

In setting guidelines and a clear road map, the Council will help boost skilled job prospects all over the country and help people who want a career in cyber-security know what steps to take to get into the business.

The Council is open to working with training providers to accredit courses and qualifications as well as provide companies with the information and confidence they need to recruit effectively and become more cyber-secure.

Cyber-security is an industry that is really thriving at the moment, there is a high demand for skills and due to the nature of a lot of the work, training, recruitment and growth in the industry has carried on throughout the pandemic.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman said:

The fact we are launching an independent professional body for cyber security shows just how vital this area has become – it makes a huge contribution to our thriving digital economy by safeguarding our critical national infrastructure, commerce and other online spaces.

The UK Cyber Security Council will ensure anyone interested in an exciting career tackling online threats has access to world-class training and guidance. It will also champion diversity and inclusion, driving up standards while helping the nation to build back better and safer.

It is hoped that by becoming an umbrella organization, overseeing the work and training going on will help bolster cyber-security, encourage more to invest and not only help that industry prosper but in turn help our whole economy grow as cyber-crime and security mishaps are diminished.

This work is part of the Government’s five-year £1.9bn National Cyber Security Strategy to make the United Kingdom a safer place to live and work.

You can learn more about the strategy using the link below:

Visit the National Cyber Security Strategy

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