Dehenna Davison Vs Helen Goodman

sore finger

Before the red wall crumbled, Bishop Auckland was the constituency of Helen Goodman, a Labour Party member. She was MP between 2005-2019,

Today she popped up again for a spat with the current MP, Dehenna Davison. Poor Dehenna had been campaigning so hard she sustained a considerable finger injury. She couldn’t attend her GP, they weren’t open, she tried 111 online and they told her to head to the hospital.

Dehenna tweeted her thanks only to get pounced on by the ex-MP

But Dehenna being a bright and NHS-supporting MP was quick to respond with some clarity on the situation.

We wish Dehenna all the best with her antibiotics course and injury recovery and as for Helen Goodman, let’s hope she recovers soon from that sick burn! Ooooof!

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