Digital IDs for proof of age

alcohol online sales may become easier with digital id
alcohol online sales may become easier with digital id

One of the problems many retailers have today is that when they sell age restricted items online, anybody can tick box with no thorough checks.

Checking is often left to the courier which gets complicated, particularly if the sale is through a third party vendor. For this reason, the Government is now looking to pilot various means of digital id which can act as proof of age.

It is hoped that such measures will help two-fold, stop wasted journeys and goods getting into the wrong hands and also prevent abuse as many couriers and retail staff receive abuse if they ask for ID which cannot be provided.

Baroness Williams of Trafford, said:

Having a robust age verification system is absolutely critical in preventing the sale of alcohol to children and the harm under-age drinking causes.

These pilots will allow us to explore how new technology can improve the experience of buying and selling alcohol, both for the consumer and the retailer.

We are interested to see how the pilot programmes progress, how easy it is for all ages to sign up and particularly those who do not currently hold photo-id like large swathes of the older population.

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