Extra funding for leisure centres

football and leisure centres
football and leisure centres to receive funding

The Government has announced that £100m has now been allocated to 266 local authorities across England to help reopen public gyms and leisure centres. It is part of the Prime Minister’s ambition to ‘build back fitter’ from the pandemic.

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said:

We know that Local Authorities have faced significant financial pressure as a result of the pandemic so this £100 million for leisure will be vital in helping them recover.

Communities across England rely on their local leisure centre or gym to help them keep fit and healthy and this funding will assist those public facilities to make ends meet.

This funding is in addition to the local authority budget increase for next year . Gyms will be able to reopen from 12 April and this includes duo sports, from 17 May exercises classes and sports in teams can be resumed. The Government is also continuing to deliver emergency funding through Sport England to help grassroots sporting groups and £25m is being issued to grassroots football groups to help build new pitches.

For those into football, the FA and McDonalds are still looking for Covid Heroes – if you know a grassroots star that supports their community, put them forward for an award.

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