Fitmiles coming your way

fitmiles programme to be launched to help reduce obesity in britain
fitmiles programme to be launched to help reduce obesity in britain

Today is world obesity day. Obesity is a problem in our country and this has been highlighted further by Covid19 pandemic as those overweight often find it much more difficult to battle through the virus without serious harm or death.

The Government has committed to over £70 million in weight management services which will be made available through both the NHS and local authorities to provide groups, apps, coaches and specialist clinical support.

A further £30 million will be put into training for healthcare professionals to help those in early years and childhood with intervention to promote healthy eating, exercise and living well.

No stranger to cycling and jogging but familiar with the battle of the bulge, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said:

Losing weight is hard, but making small changes can make a big difference.

Being overweight increases the risk of becoming ill with COVID. If we all do our bit, we can reduce our own health risks – but also help take pressure off the NHS.

This funding will give extra support to people across the country who want to lose weight too.

Sir Keith Miles has been appointed to advise on a new incentives and rewards approach. The man who is famed for the Nectar Card and Airmiles programmes is well versed in consumer behaviour and hopes to develop approaches with both public and private bodies to encourage people to make healthier choices.

He aims to create a ‘fit miles’ programme that will reward individuals for making progress on their health, drawing on programmes like fitbit, apple watch health and the Singapore national step challenge.

While there has been no confirmation on free flights, two for one snackage or coupons, we are looking forward to racking up our fitness and winning some goodies for the sweaty work!

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